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About P.O.U.I



Who are we?

Positive Outlook, Uplifting Intervention (P.O.U.I) has its genesis in our early involvement in the Adult Literacy Tutors Association, to improve members ability to read and comprehend literature. It has grown into an umbrella organization with various supporting arms with specific outreach objectives.

To empower and support men, women and youth on their path of spiritual growth, self improvement and academic development through counseling, remediation, seminars and coaching

Ubuntu Works

Educational solutions for literacy challenges


Guiding Individuals Responsibly, Achieving Fulfilment For Everyone

Mustard Seed

Fostering spiritual development and a more meaningful walk with Jesus Christ.

Our team

Rachel Sealy

Rachel Sealy

CEO/ Founder
Roland Sealy

Roland Sealy

CEO/ Founder

Blossom your life

Finding Your Missing Piece: Dealing With Loss

Finding Your Missing Piece is a powerful and transformative book that will take you on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and healing. Author Rachel J. Sealy shares her own personal experiences and insights to help readers identify and heal the areas of their lives where they feel stuck or unfulfilled.